E-learning Course Details

Course Expert(s):

Ammon Wiese

Course Name: Strata IT Fundamentals (covers Exam FCO-U41)

Course Number: 631001

Course Description:

Prepare for and pass the CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals Exam with eLearning experts at LearnKey. This in-depth course is designed to be the starting point for anyone considering a career in the IT world. This course presents all of the topics covered on the Strata IT Fundamentals certificate in an easy to understand, real-world manner. Feel confident that when you have completed this course you will be prepared to pass the Strata IT Fundamentals exam and earn your certificate. CompTIA Strata certificate program was designed for candidates new to the IT industry. The Strata IT Fundamentals exam, FC0-U41, focus is on the basic understanding of technology. The training provided by LearnKey, Strata IT Fundamentals meets all objectives stated by CompTIA. At the end of this training course you will successfully understand the following objectives: Technology and Computer Hardware Basics Compatibility Issues and Common Errors Software Installation and Functions Security Green IT and Preventative Maintenance.